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Welcome to the DIY Computer Repair Self Help Members Only area.

My name is Monte Russell,

I am the owner of this new section of DIY Computer Repair. If you would like to know what my credentials are you can read about them on my About Me page.Monte Russell Owner/Author

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Student or want to learn computer repair? This isn't an accredited course but a corresponding "expert's advice" type of web site. The type of things they don't teach in Trade School or College.

Consider this: One repair would pay membership here for a year or maybe two. It is affordable for a DIY person that wants to save time and money. Affordable does not mean cheap in the terms of the informaion supplied here.

One Week Free!

Access to some parts of this web site for one week, however you have to fill out the application before access is granted. After a week you can cancell your membership or upgrade it to one of these:

Standard access is to the web site and content. A $4.50 monthly fee. (Great for students!)
Premium* access includes all free publications and a substantial discount on some of my other publications. A $9.00 monthly fee.

Also included are the sections:

  • Advanced Computer Repair Techniques.
  • Overclocking your computer.
  • Virtual Computing.
  • And Personal one-on-one tech support.

You will find fixes for your problems here.

  • Maybe you have been searching for a long time but haven't found it yet 
  • Maybe you have tried a Guru and the problem wasn't resolved.
  • Maybe you tried a Geek and you have more problems than you started with.
  • Or you tried the local computer repair shop, nice guys, but it still didn't clear up your computer issues.

This site is for members only, because we are tired of the information the geek's, guru's, and supposedly specialist throw out but is meaningless to most people.

You are looking for solutions in plain everyday language. As an advocate of Geekless computer repair I have tried my hardest to put the geekease in to everyday language.

There is a catch to this web site:

You have to want to repair your computer. Simple as that.

I am glad to have you stop by for a look around.

The layout is this - each section is broken down in to subsections. 

The sections are -

  • Troubleshooting section
  • Repair section
  • Upgrade section
  • Hardware installation section
  • Laptops section
  • How To... Section
  • Operating Systems
  • Overclocking section
  • Virtual Computing section
  • Advanced Computer Repair Techniques section
  • Safety and Cleaning
  • Resources

And over six other sections.

Members enjoy a substantial discount on all my e-books and free checklists.

The Tech Support You Need!

Are you tired of searching for specific instructions on
how to repair your computer yourself?

Isn't it frustrating not to have that one little critical piece of
 information that will finally put that repair puzzle together?

Need some one-on-one support from someone who knows
tech support and isn't in a cube some where in a country
you can not pronounce?

Are you living proof of the horror stories about
a computer repair gone terribly wrong?

You don't have to put up with the abuse, cost, embarrassment,
or lack of sympathy that some of these 'Repair technicians'
heap on people with their holier than thou attitudes.

The computing world is very dynamic. New technologies are being introduced at an amazing pace. So you are not on your own here!

To survive in today's economic environment you need a strategy to conserver you funds, one strategy would to do your own repairs, house, car, and computer. Instead of paying someone for their labor your strategy could be doing as much as you can yourself, Do It Yourself. And one of the easiest things to repair is a computer. Such as:

  • Discover how to troubleshoot your computer problems.
  • Discover how to change out a video card.
  • Discover how to clean a virus.
  • Discover how to recover your data.
  • Discover how to make an backup image of your hard drive.

Because of the one-on-one support I am only offering this membership to 1000 people.

So if you want to have access to a great site and be able to have me help you with your computer problems you need to act now!

There are already some slots taken! When it is full then you will have to wait until someone drops their membership to join!

You now may now make a decision and you can choose to become a member of the 5% who do - or you can choose to stay with the 95% who don't.

Remember to save 85% or more on computer repairs you have to Do It Yourself!

DIY Insiders for your eyes only - if You Dare!

I wish you the best with your computer repairs no matter what choice you make.

How do you gain access to all this information and pesonal support* from me when you need it?

See the Why Become A DIY Insider page if you are not a member.

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